Credit Unions top poll as most highly regarded organisation in Ireland

19 May, 2023

Credit Unions have been ranked as number one among the top one hundred most highly regarded organisations in Ireland, in the Ireland RepTrak 2023 annual study.

Commenting on the study, David Malone, CEO of the Irish League of Credit Unions said, “The results of the 2023 RepTrak study are a significant achievement for the Credit Union sector, and once again a recognition of the role that we play in communities across Ireland. We are delighted with the results, which positions us as a leader among some of the most prominent organisations and household names in Ireland.

“The RepTrak survey emphasises attributes such as trust and respect, which are core to the ethos of Credit Unions which are locally owned, and, or managed. With over 3,000 Credit Union employees and 2,300 volunteers, we are proud to be at the heart of communities nationwide working towards a more inclusive society, where no one is left behind.

We are delighted to receive this award in our 60th Anniversary year. From 1963 until now, our members have made Newry Credit Union what it is today, so this is an award that we can all be proud of. Thank you to our members for supporting us and recognising that we are here for you.

For more information on the award, click here.