Lodging Money

There are a variety of options for members who don’t wish to come into the Credit Union to lodge money.

Direct Debits

Our direct debit option is so popular. We are able to arrange for the Direct Debit to come out of your bank account either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The choice is yours.

Debit Card Payments

We are able to accept Debit Card (not Credit Card) payments over the phone. The card must be a Visa Debit card. Ring us on 02830263840 to make a payment.

Receipt of Benefits

We can accept a full range of Social Security Benefits into member’s accounts in the same way as if we were a Bank, Building Society or Post Office.

The payments are received into member’s sub-accounts (yellow books) or if they prefer into their Engage account. As this has an ATM card they can then access their money as and when they need.